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5 Tips To Easily Make Your Skincare Regime More Eco-Friendly

With discussions around climate change dominating the headlines, many of us are trying to do our bit to take better care of our planet.

From recycling to reducing our consumption of single-use plastics, making more eco-conscious decisions doesn’t have to stop at our beauty routines.

In fact, there are many ways to reduce the impact that our routines have on the planet. In this article, we take a look at 5 simple tips for a more sustainable skincare regime.

1. Swap To Reusable Skincare Tools

Shun your single-use cotton pads and face wipes, choosing reusable tools instead. Washable face cloths and reusable cotton rounds are great alternatives that help to minimise your environmental impact.

Sustainable options don’t have to mean a less effective regime either. Elevate your complexion by opting for a sonic skincare brush like SoMeCare. This tool is reusable, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Use with your preferred choice of face wash to thoroughly cleanse the skin with SoMeCare’s vibrational technology.

2. Use What You Buy

We’re all guilty of indulging in more skincare products than we realistically need, but soon those half-finished bottles add up. Make it a priority to finish the products you buy. If you try something you don’t like why not donate it to a friend or family member? Or if you’re guilty of hoarding unopened products, consider donating them to a beauty or food bank.

3. Recycle Your Empties

When you do get through those bottles, make sure to recycle as much of the packaging as possible. Get clued up on your household recycling dos and don’ts to ensure as little waste as possible goes to landfill. Save up any empties that can’t be recycled kerbside and take them to one of the many recycling banks set up in local drugstores.

4. Invest in Multipurpose Products

The more a product can do, the less you need to buy, reducing your impact on the planet. Try using a hydrating cleanser as a face mask, or a rich moisturiser as a lip salve. The SoMeCare sonic cleansing brush is another great way of getting the most out of your regime. It not only cleanses but also provides face massage and heat therapy for an at-home facial. We recommend using it to apply your serums, as the sonic vibrations help to drive the ingredients deep into the skin.

5. Cleanse Your Skin Correctly

Many of us either don’t cleanse well enough or damage our skin by over-cleansing. This often means seeking out more solutions to solve our skin woes. Cue more products and more waste. By cleansing correctly, fewer products are needed to achieve a healthy complexion.

The secret is finding a consistent technique that neither over, nor under, cleanses the skin. Unfortunately, that’s difficult to achieve manually, but by using a sonic cleansing brush, like SoMeCare, you can be assured that your skin undergoes a gentle, yet thorough, cleanse. This daily consistency will ensure products go further and you get the best out of your skin.

Taking steps towards a more eco-friendly skincare regime comes down to making smart choices when it comes to selecting our skincare tools and products. Think carefully about the ingredients that work with your skin type and opt for tools that help your products go further, so you can feel good in your skin and about your impact on the planet.


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